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personal murals, classical wall murals, murals for kid's room

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Live City

Live City Astonishing view mural of Chicago's architectural achievements

The fantastic view of Chicago, which is on the wall mural is from helicopter. The lights of the skyscrapers are wonderfully beautiful. They make the city seen form big distance. Soon the night will come and the cosmopolite will shine even brighter. People, who can't imagine to live anywhere else, except Chicago should have this wallpaper mural in their homes.

Same Family

Same Family Kitchen murals with grate stylish look

This wall mural is memorable and colourful. It has a very big slices of oranges, lemons, limes and pink grapefruits, which are put in a drink. It is very appropriate for people with artistic thinking. It gives a very positive shade of the premises. It can be also a good decision, if situated on the walls of clubs and coctail bars.

Many Clouds

Many Clouds Bright wall mural for decorate an office

Bright sky with white fluffy clouds and sun is depicted on the wall mural. It adds a very positive energy to each premices. People, who want to be in good mood should have this wallpaper mural, because it is sunny and warm.


May Extremely shiny wall murals for homes, kid's room ...

Happy World

Happy World This is perfect wall mural for every kid

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Africa in the Past

Africa in the Past The fantastic combination between many animals, soft colors and cool background is exactly for playful kids

This interesting wallpaper mural for kid's is suitable for the walls of the room of 6-7 years old children and is good for the enrichment of the little children's minds. It has many animals that are from the jungle. There is a monkey on the palm and a colourful parrot, which is flying in the air. The variety of animals is big - giraffes, hippos, tigers, elephants and camels. All of the animals are smiling and this helps for the positive attitude of the kids. The wallpaper has a river,volcanoes and colourful clouds on it. It can be educational for the children, because of the different species of African animals, birds and reptiles.

New York 20

New York 20 The mural is super for dark living room

Rodo Palace

Rodo Palace The wallpaper mural is in kid's category, but may be installed in adults room

Meeting at the Cross

Meeting at the Cross We really like this mural, it has some strange and eye catching tones

Near Amazon

Near Amazon Colourful plants around nice waterfall as mural for wall decoration

Orange leaves of trees around the seven-leveled waterfall are the accent of the wall murals with waterfalls. There are seven beds, from where the crystal clear waters fall. The beautiful waterfalls are located in an exotic areas. There are many ferns and exotic trees with orange vivid leaves, which are overhanging the waterfalls. The flora is amazing and memorable. Murals will take a fancy to most people, because of the orange leaves and green ferns around the waterfall. It will add an elegant and sunny touch to the premises.

Romantic Waterfall

Romantic Waterfall Pleasant view on murals with waterfall

Set For Two

Set For Two Wall mural with relaxing effect and shiny look

The beach with a column of beautiful palm trees, which are arranged along the beach are the main accent of the beach murals. The column is long and there are two green sunbeds under the thick shadow of the palm trees. There is also a hammock with a small hut on the very beach. The column of the trees is long and scenic and the place is a real exotic paradise. The two sunbeds are plastic and have soft green surface. They seem very comfortable for lying and reading an interesting book. The column of palm trees continues to the end of the beach, which is far away in the distance. The murals will take a fancy to the most people.

All Alone

All Alone The Mural is a little bit strange with this lonely palm.

Sunny Meadow

Sunny Meadow Light and shine landscape on wallpaper murals

Sunny and adorable is the meadow on the mountain murals. There is a big deciduous tree in the front part of the picture, which is coloured very beautiful by the autumn. Its leaves are with bright orange hues. The meadow has a terrific green colour and there are many big poplars, surrounding it. There is a small lake nearby, which makes the meadow very fertile. The sun lights in the mountain area and the weather is sunny and pleasant for walks on the meadow. It is a good playground for the kids and looks charming. The mural will take a fancy to everyone, especially to the people with more artistic thinking. It will add happy touch to every wall.