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Galloping huskies are described on the animal murals. The dogs are six and they are pulling a sled in a column at two. They look very happy to run in the snow and their pink tongues are out of their mouths, which reminds of smiling. They are representatives of the breed Alaskan Husky. These dogs are obedient, have a strong instinct to pull a sled and easily to understand the wish of their owner. They are big and strong and some of them are white, others are white and black and the remaining are white and gray. These dogs are expected to have a combination of physical characteristics corresponding to this model, which includes thick fur for protection in arctic conditions, strong limbs, physiology, adapted for high burning calories from food, a desire to travel and pull and ability to easily change the pace of his walk to trot and gallop. The murals is enriched with joy, adrenaline and positivism. It will be a great addition for the premises, where used. Admirers of this breed will adore them.

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The delivery takes 7 day after the  mural is ordered. You will receive the mural well packed in strong corrugated box.
Important Steps while ordering:
1. Choose the model you want.
2. Enter you size
3. Place the size you want upon the part of the image you like more. The function is programmed so that the maximum use of the image and its pixels. This happens as your size always fills the width or height of the image wt the background, so that the final product is with good quality and maximum sharpness. Otherwise if you select a small piece of wall murals and order it up 500/250sm. (For example), it will look great on your monitor, but tat footprint will lose it's sharpness.For best results the image must be filled at it's width or height at it is programmed right now. 
What you need to know about our murals :
1. The print quality is with good quality, this is thankfully to quality machines and materials.
2. The surface is Matte ( glossy is also available )witch helps for deep and solid look without reflection .
3. The murals are water resistant. The surface is UV matte coated whitch protects the colors for many years.
4. The installing of the murals is by the classical way - with applying glue on the back of the rolls.
We aslo offer self adhesive material for applying the mural without glue but the surface of the wall must be very very smooth, almost like a glass. We recommend the classic way with glue, because if you make some mistake while installing is not a problem at all to pull back the material and place it correctly, the murals with self adhesive back are more delicate.