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Wall Murals - Kids - See All

14.10 /m2

12.26 /m2

15.32 /m2

14.10 /m2

13.48 /m2

13.48 /m2

14.10 /m2

13.48 /m2

14.10 /m2

14.71 /m2

13.48 /m2

14.10 /m2

13.48 /m2

14.71 /m2

14.10 /m2

14.71 /m2

15.32 /m2

14.10 /m2

14.10 /m2

13.48 /m2

14.10 /m2

14.10 /m2

13.48 /m2

13.48 /m2

14.71 /m2

14.10 /m2

Happy World

Happy World 14.10 /m2

Friendly Bugs

Friendly Bugs 14.71 /m2

Wonder Yard

Wonder Yard 14.10 /m2

Green Hills

Green Hills 14.10 /m2

Africa in the Past

Africa in the Past 13.48 /m2

Wild Line

Wild Line 13.48 /m2

Agricultural Family

Agricultural Family 12.87 /m2

Dream Castle

Dream Castle 14.10 /m2

Ice Cream Forest

Ice Cream Forest 13.48 /m2

The Purple Octopus

The Purple Octopus 13.48 /m2

The Lost Treasure

The Lost Treasure 13.48 /m2

My Whole World

My Whole World 14.10 /m2

Eco Transport

Eco Transport 13.48 /m2

Rabbit's Home

Rabbit's Home 13.48 /m2

Funny Africa

Funny Africa 13.48 /m2

Hens, Ducks and Lamb

Hens, Ducks and Lamb 14.10 /m2

Tree Friends

Tree Friends 14.10 /m2

Giraffe's Birthday

Giraffe's Birthday 15.32 /m2

Young Heroes

Young Heroes 13.48 /m2

Funky Underwater Life

Funky Underwater Life 14.10 /m2

Monkey Day

Monkey Day 13.73 /m2

Explorer Boy

Explorer Boy 14.10 /m2

The Squirrels in the Forest

The Squirrels in the Forest 13.48 /m2

Our Playground

Our Playground 14.10 /m2

Charm Farm

Charm Farm 14.10 /m2

Friendly Dragon

Friendly Dragon 14.10 /m2

Rodo Palace

Rodo Palace 13.48 /m2

Pinky Life

Pinky Life 13.18 /m2

Hard Working Boy

Hard Working Boy 13.48 /m2

Prehistoric Weekend

Prehistoric Weekend 14.10 /m2

Sunday Pleasure

Sunday Pleasure 12.87 /m2

Girl and Bear

Girl and Bear 13.48 /m2

Suburban Traffic

Suburban Traffic 14.10 /m2

Smiled Santa

Smiled Santa 13.48 /m2

Ocean Monsters

Ocean Monsters 14.10 /m2

Sammy's Farm

Sammy's Farm 14.10 /m2

The Crazy Captain

The Crazy Captain 13.48 /m2

Truly Fresh

Truly Fresh 13.48 /m2

Meeting at the Cross

Meeting at the Cross 14.10 /m2

Personal Farm

Personal Farm 12.87 /m2

Driving Day

Driving Day 14.71 /m2

Green Alien

Green Alien 14.10 /m2

The First Love

The First Love 14.10 /m2

Surfing Lessons

Surfing Lessons 13.48 /m2

Windmill Yard

Windmill Yard 13.48 /m2

Funny Place

Funny Place 13.48 /m2

Cheerful Samuel

Cheerful Samuel 14.10 /m2

Tree Games

Tree Games 13.48 /m2

Baby Dinosaur

Baby Dinosaur 14.10 /m2

Classic Cartoon

Classic Cartoon 14.10 /m2

Evolved Differently

Evolved Differently 14.10 /m2

Nearest Playground

Nearest Playground 12.87 /m2

Creatures Icons

Creatures Icons 12.87 /m2

Running Kids

Running Kids 13.48 /m2

The Charm of Prehistory

The Charm of Prehistory 13.48 /m2

International Fellas

International Fellas 13.48 /m2

The Strong Victor

The Strong Victor 14.10 /m2

Bugs Kingdom

Bugs Kingdom 12.87 /m2

Insect selection

Insect selection 12.26 /m2

Floating in Hot Day

Floating in  Hot Day 14.10 /m2

Catching Sun

Catching Sun 13.48 /m2

Stylish Autumn

Stylish Autumn 12.87 /m2

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day 12.87 /m2

The Snowing Christmas

The Snowing Christmas 12.26 /m2

Together Forever

Together Forever 12.87 /m2

Night Delight

Night Delight 14.10 /m2

The Old Bill

The Old Bill 13.48 /m2

Santa Claus

Santa Claus 12.87 /m2

The Green Guy

The Green Guy 13.48 /m2

Winter Game

Winter Game 12.87 /m2

Bear Companion

Bear Companion 14.10 /m2

Grate Morning

Grate Morning 14.71 /m2

The Symbols

The Symbols 13.48 /m2

Winter Cake

Winter Cake 12.87 /m2

The Magical Day

The Magical Day 14.71 /m2

Kind Dolphin

Kind Dolphin 13.48 /m2

Treasure Reef

Treasure Reef 14.10 /m2

Reading Stories

Reading Stories 12.26 /m2

Child Games

Child Games 14.10 /m2


Kittens 12.87 /m2

Orange Sky

Orange Sky 13.48 /m2

July Morning

July Morning 12.87 /m2

Wonder Forest

Wonder Forest 14.71 /m2

Romantic Park

Romantic Park 14.10 /m2

Child Camp

Child Camp 12.87 /m2

Sand Playground

Sand Playground 14.10 /m2

Good Morning

Good Morning 14.10 /m2

During The Winter Holidays

During The Winter Holidays 14.10 /m2

Surrounded Anchor

Surrounded Anchor 15.32 /m2

Blond Mermaid

Blond Mermaid 15.32 /m2

The Artists

The Artists 15.32 /m2

Good Old Stories

Good Old Stories 13.48 /m2

Little Red Ridding Hood

Little Red Ridding Hood 14.10 /m2

Cohesive Village

Cohesive Village 14.71 /m2

Sea Love

Sea Love 14.10 /m2

Wedding Day

Wedding Day 14.10 /m2

Elephant on Track

Elephant on Track 14.10 /m2

Going to The Town

Going to The Town 14.10 /m2

Friends Forever

Friends Forever 15.32 /m2

Ocean Captain

Ocean Captain 12.87 /m2

Rich Crab

Rich Crab 14.10 /m2

Jesus is the Light

Jesus is the Light 14.10 /m2

Sea Boating

Sea Boating 12.87 /m2

Beautiful Plants

Beautiful Plants 12.87 /m2

Rich Castle

Rich Castle 12.87 /m2

The Kind Nurse

The Kind Nurse 14.71 /m2

School Class

School Class 12.87 /m2

Rhino Vacation

Rhino Vacation 13.48 /m2

Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek 14.10 /m2

Vivid Dinosaurs

Vivid Dinosaurs 15.93 /m2

Butterfly Party

Butterfly Party 14.10 /m2

Staring at the Cam

Staring at the Cam 12.87 /m2

Jesus Followers

Jesus Followers 12.87 /m2

Traveling with Passion

Traveling with Passion 14.71 /m2

Brave Knight

Brave Knight 15.32 /m2

Exploring the World

Exploring the World 14.22 /m2

Lazy Big Fella

Lazy Big Fella 14.10 /m2

Holy Mary And Jesus

Holy Mary And Jesus 14.10 /m2

Faces of Africa

Faces of Africa 12.87 /m2

Healthy Circles

Healthy Circles 14.10 /m2

Near Lake

Near Lake 12.87 /m2

Lunch Delight

Lunch Delight 14.71 /m2

Christmas Card

Christmas Card 13.48 /m2

Ironic Sea

Ironic Sea 12.87 /m2

Rabbit Couple

Rabbit Couple 13.48 /m2

Vivid Jungle

Vivid Jungle 12.87 /m2

Flashy Jungle

Flashy Jungle 15.32 /m2

Crazy Circus

Crazy Circus 14.10 /m2

Excited Chicks

Excited Chicks 14.10 /m2

Rabbit Family

Rabbit Family 14.71 /m2

Meeting at the Cave

Meeting at the Cave 14.10 /m2

Ski Season

Ski Season 13.48 /m2


Easter 14.10 /m2

Chick Art

Chick Art 14.10 /m2

Wondered Princess

Wondered Princess 14.10 /m2

Rail Way

Rail Way 12.87 /m2

Waiting for the Big Wave

Waiting for the Big Wave 14.71 /m2

Please, read the information, it will be helpful !

The delivery takes 7 day after the  mural is ordered. You will receive the mural well packed in strong corrugated box.
Important Steps while ordering:
1. Choose the model you want.
2. Enter you size
3. Place the size you want upon the part of the image you like more. The function is programmed so that the maximum use of the image and its pixels. This happens as your size always fills the width or height of the image wt the background, so that the final product is with good quality and maximum sharpness. Otherwise if you select a small piece of wall murals and order it up 500/250sm. (For example), it will look great on your monitor, but tat footprint will lose it's sharpness.For best results the image must be filled at it's width or height at it is programmed right now. 
What you need to know about our murals :
1. The print quality is with good quality, this is thankfully to quality machines and materials.
2. The surface is Matte ( glossy is also available )witch helps for deep and solid look without reflection .
3. The murals are water resistant. The surface is UV matte coated whitch protects the colors for many years.
4. The installing of the murals is by the classical way - with applying glue on the back of the rolls.
We aslo offer self adhesive material for applying the mural without glue but the surface of the wall must be very very smooth, almost like a glass. We recommend the classic way with glue, because if you make some mistake while installing is not a problem at all to pull back the material and place it correctly, the murals with self adhesive back are more delicate.